Book Review:

The Complete Graphic Designer

This is a solid, albeit rather brief and basic, guide to graphic design, covering mainly fundamentals and how the business itself runs. The language is clear, straightforward, and highly informative, while the numerous examples help to highlight different creative strategies and good design for a multitude of assignments. That it covers both the aesthetic/theoretical and practical/business side of things is quite helpful. Though it’s worth noting that this is not a comprehensive idea book or resource guide. It also won’t tell you how to run a design business, how to bid on jobs, etc. only what kinds of projects are common, different types of clients, and different types of solutions.

The last book on the subject I read was more concept-driven and the design distractingly cluttered. This one, on the other hand, is more practical in its orientation and a very quick read. It’s probably most ideal for beginners, or more experienced designers looking for a simple refresher course. The numerous examples and overview of best practices make it a worth including on one’s home shelf (though I will continue seeking something more expansive).

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